Holiday Dialysis

This page is intended for dialysis patients or their relatives to help organize dialysis care during a visit to Prague.

Our unit is located in Prague 6 (near the city centre), we are hospital-based, full dialysis care, university hospital-owned unit. We look after about 90 HD and 18 PD patients. We provide full range of renal replacement therapy, including all forms of peritoneal dialysis, HD and  on-line HDF (hemodiafiltration). Our unit  operates 7 day a week and 3 shifts a day, except for Thursday morning and Saturday night. The shifts start at 7 AM, 1 PM and 7 PM, but we can optimize dialysis time according your need.  We are equipped mostly Fresenius (5008, 4008 S) and Gambro (AK 200S) machines.  We don’t  reuse any dialysis disposables.  In case you are on PD, all bags and  PD accessories may be delivered directly to your hotel by the local distributor (all major companies have their branch offices in Prague). Our department can provide any health-care back-up by experienced staff in case of any complication.

 If you are intend to use this offer, please fill in the questionnaire and email it to us.



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